FORESTALIA - Piacenza Expo
18 October 2011
FORESTALIA - From 23 to 24 October 2021 Piacenza Expo
18 October 2011
The appointment for people who work in the woods.
From 23 to 24 October 2021 Piacenza Expo will organize the next edition of Forestalia, a show dedicated to agroforestry activities.

Agroforestry  Show – PIACENZA  EXPO

After the successful edition of 2019, FORESTALIA promotes itself as a privileged meeting for the forestall sector. The trade fair centre of Piacenza has proved to be suitable to host a specialized event which proposes both the exhibition and live demonstration.
The supply companies of the agroforestry fair will have the opportunity to meet technicians, entrepreneurs, and professional operators in an excellent, no-dispersive contest maximizing time and investment. 
Simultaneously: Apimell - autumn edition

Piacenza Expo
Loc. Le Mose
29122 Piacenza
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OPENING TIMES: 9,30 a.m. - 6,00 p.m.