FORESTALIA - Piacenza Expo
18 November 2020
18 November 2020
Piacenza Expo spa, in compliance with the Covid-19 prevention provisions and the guidelines issued by the competent authorities for the organisation of trade fairs and events, has adopted a protocol that provides for various control and preparation activities.
Individual responsibility for correct behaviour is the main instrument of prevention and respect for other people.
At the entrance, visitors are subjected to body temperature measurements. The entrance will be allowed with a temperature below 37.5 °C and use of the mask.
The same procedures are adopted at the entrances reserved for service personnel and exhibitors.
The exhibition environment is subject to sanitization before the start of the event. During the event, the contact surfaces are continuously cleaned with certified products that guarantee hygiene.
The organiser is responsible for cleaning the common and service areas, while inside the stand the sanitation is the responsibility of the individual exhibitor.
The air conditioning system of the structure undergoes complete sanitization before the start of the event.
Air extraction is constantly maintained in the toilets. Cleaning and sanitation schedules are displayed inside the premises.
The internal signage recalls the maintenance of social distancing, the obligatory use of masks, the frequent use of hand washing gel stations and the precautions to be considered in the presence of particular exhibition spaces.
Organisation personnel are present in the entrance area and in the pavilions to guard the exhibition areas, common areas and service areas.
Piacenza Expo encourages the purchase of dematerialised admission tickets to the fair through the use of online platforms and pre-registration forms.
All front desk workstations are equipped with physical barriers.
In the conference rooms, regular cleaning of the rooms and air exchange at the end of the scheduled events is guaranteed.
The entrance and exit areas for visitors are kept separate.